Shanna Compton


Reading for the HOWL Festival tomorrow in NYC

I am very excited to be reading as part of the St. Mark's Poetry Project reading during the 10th annual HOWL Festival tomorrow, June 1. Find us on the North Stage (Beatification Station) at Tompkins Square Park, Avenue B & E. 9th Street. Reading starts at 1:00 PM. Details here. Full festival schedule here.



That's really what this is. Every day, I try to get into poem-space and sit there until I come up with something. At least for notes.

I have very little memory of some of them, at this point. Written several days or a few weeks ago. Written seconds before sleep or between the first moments of it.

The rest comes later. Or not. Depending on what I get.






Experiment update

I am going to start setting an alarm or something, during the day, and shift my poem-making time from these evening sessions. I am extraordinarily busy with freelance work and chapbook-making, and by the time I get…here…well I notice I have been relying on exercises more than I was last month. I don't think I'm slowing down exactly, because all day I am thinking about it and looking forward to it. But this one big freelance project will be done this week (or done enough not to be so taxing) and I can catch up with the chapbooks too. I did get to take a hike this weekend, and then today a walk in a place we call "the bird park" because tree swallows and goldfinches and bluebirds and redwing blackbirds are zipping and diving around everywhere. Also, rabbits.





 That was fun. I am going to continue here, but not mention it to anyone but you. Drafts will disappear after 24(+) hours.