Shanna Compton


New three up now

Hello. Long time no blog. Here are some reasons I have not been around much:

Poems at The Awl

Excerpt from the long poem ("The Seam") at Ducts

Those are from the book I am almost finished with.

Other poems are coming soon too. I will be back to let you know.

And...I'm gonna write about some other people's poems too. Working on it. It's hard to do as much as I want to do, as ever.

This is easy though: Have some watermelon. This morning mine was so delicious.


Hire me to design stuff

I'm open for design projects and can do pretty much anything you need: book covers, book interiors, catalogs, posters, flyers, brochures, web banners, (simple) websites or customized blog templates, etc.

I'm used to working with small presses so I understand financial limitations. I can't work for free, but we can probably work something out that will fit your budget.

Here are some samples:



BOOK INTERIORS (links are to PDFs, some are large)

Sample from GAMERS

Sample from Saints of Hysteria: A Half Century of Collaborative American Poetry (also did the cover)

Sample from LIT


This one (you are here)

And this one (includes an animated gif splash page)


I can also take custom photography for design projects (and have done that for this book cover, this book cover, and this book cover, among others).