Shanna Compton


Some things, appearing

  • An excerpt from "The Seam" in the new RUIN issue of Women's Studies Quarterly 
  • "Sometime I'll perfect my adoration" today in the Advent Calendar at Delirious Hem (audio)
  • Another excerpt from "The Seam" in the current issue of Eoagh

I think that's it for now. Another excerpt from "The Seam" will be in the next issue of ElevenEleven, in January, and some of the other poems from the book will be in the next Court Green.

[Update] Whoops, I forgot one:

  • On this page and also in iTunes, you can listen to a recording of the reading I did on November 9 at the Emory University Barnes & Noble. (Also there are lots of other recordings available there, including my Bloof buddies Peter Davis & Sandra Simonds, and Maureen Thorson & Patricia Lockwood, who also read with us that evening.)

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