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Court Green is consistently one of my favorite lit mags. The dossier this issue is on the short poem, 10 lines or less. Subscribe/purchase.
TOC includes all those pictured above, plus...Evan Lavender-Smith, Charles Jensen, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Sandra Simonds, Erica Bernheim, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Stephen Danos, Steven Toussaint, Maggie Nelson, D.A. Powell, Bo McGuire, Tim Dlugos, Graham Foust, Bernadette Mayer*, James Schuyler*, Ron Padgett, Shanna Compton*, Mary Ann Samyn, Elise Cowen, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Laura Kasischke, Andrew Hudgins, Rachel Zucker, Nicole Wilson, Jan Bottiglieri, Casey Thayer, Susan Cataldo, Jordan Stempleman, Jim Cory, Scott Keeney, Tim Dlugos*, Kathleen Ossip, Larry Sawyer, Margo Pappas, Guillermo Filice Castro, Albert Goldbarth, Richard Fox, Tara Betts, Gregory Brooker, Jo McDougall, MRB Chelko, Guy Rotella, Charles Jensen*, Aaron Belz, Craig Cotter, Mike Topp, Jeremy Halinen, Suzanne Buffam, Elizabeth Savage, D.A. Powell*, Patrick Culliton, Jeff Tighchelaar, Joseph Massey, Robert Creely, Elaine Equi* (* in both sections)
Also, see you at their launch reading in Chicago next week.

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