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Pop goes the forsythia

Some of this I mentioned in the last update as forthcoming, but now it's actually happening. April can be nuts this way.

  • Along with Kirsten Kaschock, Pattie McCarthy, Jared White, Elisabeth Workman, Danielle Pafunda, Becca Klaver, Peter Davis & Catie Rosemurgy, I am posting a new poem (or draft anyway) every day in April at the Bloof blog. 

  • 1800+ other participants can be found at Maureen's site. (Reen's also playing on her own blog, of course!) This is my tenth year of doing NaPoWriMo with Maureen, its inventor. I can't believe it's been that long, and that what started as a jokey name (not national, just Reen!) is actually now too small to encompass its global (!) dominance. 

  • I wrote about a few other National Poetry Month things for the Best American Poetry blog here

  • The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair was a ton of fun. Here's a video of the reading I gave Saturday night, doing two of the poems from Brink and also impersonating Becca, Peter, and Jennifer L. Knox. (Do check out the other videos from that evening too, featuring David Hadbawnik, Jen Tynes, Robin Brox, Michael Sikkema, mIEKAL aND & Christopher Fritton. Stellar!)

  • Here are three sonnets I wrote (two years ago during NaPoWriMo, pretty sure!) up at Connotation Press/A Poetry Congeries. 

  • And here is an essay(ish) I wrote, "On Making," for NPM Daily. (I have enjoyed all the essays there so far, with more to come each day this month!) 

  • This is how I feel in April.

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