Shanna Compton


Experiment update

I am going to start setting an alarm or something, during the day, and shift my poem-making time from these evening sessions. I am extraordinarily busy with freelance work and chapbook-making, and by the time I get…here…well I notice I have been relying on exercises more than I was last month. I don't think I'm slowing down exactly, because all day I am thinking about it and looking forward to it. But this one big freelance project will be done this week (or done enough not to be so taxing) and I can catch up with the chapbooks too. I did get to take a hike this weekend, and then today a walk in a place we call "the bird park" because tree swallows and goldfinches and bluebirds and redwing blackbirds are zipping and diving around everywhere. Also, rabbits.

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