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Currently, Upcoming & Forthcoming

I've been very busy, too busy really. I'm working on that. One of the things that tends to drop off my list is updating here. (I do try to keep up a little better at the Bloof blog, but Facebook is generally handiest.)

This poor old site could use a complete overhaul. I'll get to that.

In the meantime, here are some updates…

  • I recently did an interview with Tony Trigilio, for Radio Free Albion. Listen here.
  • I wrote a review of Dara Wier's You Good Thing, for Coldfront. Read it here.
  • I wrote a long poem, an homage to James Schuyler. It will appear in the next issue of Court Green. (January) I also have work forthcoming in the next issue of Map Literary.
  • I have several events on the calendar, including a panel next Saturday, September 28, at the Conversations & Connections writing conference in Philadelphia. Our topic is how to deal with obstacles to your writing practice, and the other panelists are Catie Rosemurgy, Michael Loughran & Sarah Blake (moderator). The conference is offered by Barrelhouse Magazine.

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