Shanna Compton


Has it really been nearly a month?

I still love you, blog. It's just that I've been so busy. Some would say "as a bee." 

In addition to those exciting happenings (which have involved so many hours of delight, aka reading), I have also been working with Peter on his book, and with Charlie on the covers of mine, and on the newer poems that I have added since the split into two volumes. This is all nearing completion. COMPLETION!

I'm working on some other things too, that will not be until 2013 but need some attention now.

And I guess I have been preferring my notebook for certain things. It's difficult, this trying-again-to-blog-after-becoming-unhabituated-to-blogging. I was reading the other day about how hearing loss is for many people so socially isolating, and I have realized that my increasing withdrawal (from the blogs, from Brooklyn) may have had something to do with how I was going deaf. But that's not all. I was too open, and it smarted.

Which reminds me to note that I was in NYC last weekend, for the first time since I got the hearing aids. Brooklyn, you are even louder than I knew you to be, impossibly loud!

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Radish King said...

Hi Shanna. I added this blog to my blogroll this morning. Thinking of you in noisy Brooklyn which is always how I heard it too.