Shanna Compton


And now it is done.

A few days ago I finished the last sequence and sent it to readers and now I have reworked it a bit based on their comments and now it is going in the book and now that is the LAST THING.

It is the absolute last thing.

Except now I have to rework the order because there are so many new things or things I added back after the split of the thick book into two thinner books.

There are enough new things (and re-added things) that this one (of the shorter individual poems and two sequences) feels fresh again to me. Which is how it has to feel for me to want to work on it and have it made into a book and then show you that book and feel OK asking you to read it.

So, this week I will do that: decide on an order. I think I already know that the sequences will come in the middle and at the end, so it's just a matter of deciding if the other poems go in two batches or three batches, and which go together the best.

First though, I catch up with my programming class. I have an assignment due tomorrow. I got behind because I had this deadline and some visitors and went out of town twice also.

I think if you work as a chef but cannot cook vegetables or simply don't care about them very much then maybe you are not a very good chef. I am not going to give you $14 for an oily salad, OK? Or $16 each for tiny oily appetizers that are only three bites. Because you don't have a veggie plate. Last night was the last time.

Probably I will still occasionally give you $12 for a glass of wine but I will not do that very often either.

The poets among ye can read these as poetics statements, if you like.

It's raining.

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