Shanna Compton


So much has happened

I am going to have to go back and strike through everything I said about this book (Brink). I've changed it so much in the last few months--stripping a few things out, putting in several new things including another long series--that it's hardly recognizable as the book I spoke of then. That's how it goes. Besides, I'm the first one to admit that I rarely get it right when talking about what I am doing. Bear that in mind when you ignore all I've said. Ha!

Point is: it's going to the printer any day now, and copies will be here in a few weeks. There are a few more tinkering things to do with the typesetting, and the cover. I'm not putting any blurbs on it, but a few folks are sending thoughts to use online, etc. 

I've had a lot of help--been challenged too, pushed. My friends are as generous as they are brilliant.

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