Shanna Compton


Edging closer to Brink

of bankruptcy of extinction of war of international stardom of collapse of a deep well of calamity of  a rupture of the river of dawn of the precipice of a rupture of saying something further of matrimony of departure of discovery of affection of a cliff of the hill of disaster of tears of a new revolution of paradise of elimination of making a billion of chaos of fame of poverty of something beautiful of suicide of meltdown of Armageddon of laughter of insanity of an arms race of misadventure of divorce of a dream of death of a missile crisis of explosion of a new era of technological advance of new promise of a decision of infinity of financial insolvency of infidelity of modernism of nuclear destruction of global recession of cool of financial insolvency of a groundbreaking moment of losing of achieving of history of a full-scale military confrontation of falling of being washed away of the greatest depression of all time of freedom of victory of change of dishonor of oligarchy of breakup of a new ice age of political battle of becoming of hurricane season of runaway climate change of failure of success of annihilation of closing of default of signing a contract of a clean energy revolution of irrelevance of stagnation of liquidation of a new product announcement

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